Tuesday, 29 January 2008

From an absentee blogger...

I must admit that signing in today I hadn't realised just how long it'd been since I last posted here- both Xmas and New Year have absolutely whistled past me and somehow I find myself at the end of January and 6 weeks since my last post!!

Anyway, I'm finally back and with a new determination to post far more regularly, so today I thought I'd address the rather significant matter of authors!! I've not deliberately been keeping this under my hat but I'm delighted to announce what I think is a really strong line up of talent for 2008. The support and interest from authors for this year has been amazing, so I'd like to thank everyone involved for that!

Anyway, here goes, in alphabetical order...
Sarah Ash
Chaz Brenchley
Eric Brown
Mike Carey
Simon Clark
Pete Crowther
Christian Dunn
Steve Gallagher
Marc Gascoigne
Lee Harris
Stephen Hunt
John Jarrold
Graham Joyce
Kim Lakin-Smith
Tim Lebbon
Brian Lumley
Michael Marshall Smith
Mark Morris
Philip Palmer
Sarah Pinborough
Adam Roberts
Justina Robson
Brian Ruckley
Simon Spurrier
Charlie Stross
Darren Turpin
Conrad Williams

I'm currently looking at the provisional programme of events, and hoping to have something firm and final within the next month or so. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled here for new posts- honest!!

Thanks a lot