Monday, 4 February 2008

Masters of Horror

Hi everyone,

On a bit of a side-topic, just wanted to give a plug to the Masters of Horror series which is currently running on Bravo 2 at the weekends. I'd heard of it a while back but only just got stuck into watching them and have been really enjoying the series so far. It was especially interesting to watch 'Sounds Like' on Saturday night, adapted from Mike O'Driscoll's short story in 'Unbecoming'. I thought that the essence of the story was captured really well. I can't stand adaptations that shame the original...

Also been reading Matt Dinniman's Trailer Park Fairy Tales (can you tell I'm a bit of an Elastic Press fan yet?) and thoroughly enjoying that, although because I'm tending to read it in bed I'm only getting through it one story at a time...

On an Alt.Fiction note, I've sent the stuff in to get the tickets on sale via the website so hopefully you should be able to buy online before too long!

Anyway, that's my two pennies worth for today- be back with another post soon




Ed said...

Only seen the first two of the second season of Masters of Horror, but the first season was chock full of good stuff. And the two DVD box sets for season 1 can be had for very reasonable prices on Amazon.

Will you be arranging discounted accomodation for this year's event?

Alex Davis said...

Hi Ed,

Absolutely- I'm not quite sure which series I'm watching on Bravo but it has been good fun to watch...

I keep looking at the boxsets but I hate stuff that comes with so many added extras- I want a box set of just the films really!!

Gonna explore some discount accommodation- probably try and sort something out at the European.



Ed said...

The extras on the season 1 sets are very comprehensive, they run for longer than the main features. There some very good and informative documentaries and interviews with each of the directors. There's even pdf files of the screenplays.

The discs I've seen of season 2 have less on them, probably because they'd already covered most of the material in the first lot and didn't want to just rehash it.