Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The excitement kicks in!

Hi everyone,

So the panic of my last post has passed (at least for the time being!) and I'm really starting to feel the buzz of being involved in Alt.Fiction. With two and a bit weeks to go everything is basically in hand- today I'm working on some more marketing stuff, eflyers, press releases all that sort of stuff. It's a good time to get plugging, even if it just helps to remind people to pick up a ticket (I know because I'm the worst at leaving that sort of thing to the last moment!!)

I'm also considering what should go in the goodie bags (we've got some fantastic Charlie Stross books for this year, plus some back issues of the regional Tripod magazine) and working on the programme booklet, which is always an exhaustive and pernickity process but it's always nice when you see the final product on the day.

The schedule is now all but confirmed, although unfortunately Adam Roberts has had to drop out of the event. However we still have 28 fantastic participants and a strong science-fiction representation with Charlie Stross, Justina Robson, Eric Brown, Tony Ballantyne and Philip Palmer (plus some others depending where you want to draw your genre lines...) and a number of sessions focussing on science-fiction. These are things that unfortunately happen year by year, but hopefully we'll be able to get Adam involved in the future.

The current schedule you can view either a few posts down or at the very long webpage address here: http://www.derby.gov.uk/LeisureCulture/ArtsEntertainment/Alt.Fiction+Schedule.htm. I'm really happy with how it's come out and I think the balance of topics is pretty good- it's impossible not to leave at least a few people thinking that they'd like to attend a number of things going on at the same time, but I always think it's better that than finding yourself struggling to find something interesting!

So long may the excitement last, and long may the to do list shrink in size...

If you do want to ask anything about the event dont be shy to either post it here or tap me up in the office at alex.davis@derby.gov.uk. I'm pleased to help where I can!!

Thanks a lot


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