Thursday, 24 April 2008

A sense of finality

Hi everyone,

Now I know I said I was going to post daily this week, and I also know that I haven't done that. What I hadn't counted on though was getting Tonsilitis on Monday and being laid in bed over the last few days. Talk about bad timing...

Unfortunately I have to begin with some bad news, in that Justina Robson has had to drop out of the event. I was really looking forward to having Justina back after her involvement in 2006, so
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it's a shame, but I'm sure we'll be seeing her at Alt.Fiction again! In terms of the programme I'm looking to sort the 3:00 workshop slot, but Charlie Stross will now be taking part in the closing SF panel, which is much better news!!

Anyway, it's well and truly back to the grindstone today to get all those 'final' jobs done. The last week is always kind of an odd time as basically most of the phoning, emailing and organising is done. To a large extent this week I’ll just be running around doing leg-work, including collecting all our book stock from Waterstones (who’ve done well to get stock by the vast majority of participating authors), collecting our t-shirts from the printers, getting all the stuff we need on the day over to the venue, stuffing goodie bags (that certainly is familiar territory!), collecting the programmes for the day and all other manner of jobs that involve a jaunt across town and back. It’s times like this that I regret not driving- I’m basically dependent on the kindness of my fellow Arts Team members to ferry me and my cargoes about!!

Aside from all that heavy lifting I’ll be communicating all my final emails to everyone taking part, making my final check and double-check of what we need to take and lots of other ‘final’ things. The final press release has gone out, so that’s one ‘final’ thing out of the way at least…

On a personal level it’s a full on few days leading to a pretty full on weekend- my timesheet requires some kind of quantum mathematician to deal with it! But come Saturday evening at 9pm, I’m sure it’ll be worth all the effort….

That’s all for today- I’ll be back tomorrow with a 'final'entry...

Many Thanks


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