Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The minutae of events

Hi Everyone,

As we enter the final week or so towards Alt.Fiction I find myself increasingly preoccupied with small things, sat before a long to do list full of tiny jobs. The major stuff by now, of course, is all in hand- booking authors, dealing with catering, arranging books, printing t-shirts and so on but any event is filled with a multitude of small jobs. Today it's been tweaking the webpages, dropping flyears around town, arranging some bar vouchers, adding a plug to my email signature and a whole host of other little tasks that seem to have almost no end.

I've always thought this is the key part to any successful event- in many senses the larger tasks can be more difficult but are equally more obvious. Thinking about all the smaller aspects makes the big difference to how the event runs and to how much people enjoy it.

The next week or so is going to be bitty, and if I have forgotten anything come the day it won't be for lack of thinking about it!

I'm going to be posting daily in the run-up to the event with a brief update, so keep checking back as we approach the day itself!!

Thanks a lot


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