Thursday, 17 April 2008

What to expect- part 2

Hi Everyone,

Okay folks, I'm afraid it's nitty-gritty time, time to explore a little of what to expect on the day in terms of arrival and so on...

When you first come in the Darwin Suite door, you'll be greeted by the reception desk, which will be manned until around 2pm. Here you'll receive your Alt.Fiction badge, which this year I'm leaving blank for you to fill in names- it's been one of relatively few complaints over the last couple of years that the badges read 'attendee', so now you have the chance to personalise! I would do it myself but it's impossible to know the name of everyone booking, plus you might prefer a nickname or even an assumed name. The pen is all yours...

Once that's out of the way, do keep your badge with you as if you leave the building you'll need it to get back in- it just avoids entirely random people strolling in! A ticket will suffice just as well should you lose your badge at any point.

The top of the stairs is the enquiry desk, where you'll be able to pick up a goodie bag and also ask any questions you may have. All the key info for the day will be laid out on the desk- schedules, taxi numbers, maps, info about Derby and so on. If you're stuck at any point in the day just drop by this desk and someone will be happy to help.

The sessions last 45 minutes each and the break inbetween is 15 minutes- no obligation to go into a session, although your ticket does allow you access to all of them. The bar will be open all day and you can always browse the book and info stalls in the foyer. There will be announcements made of when the sessions start made over the PA system, and I have been known to shout the same thing from atop a table on the odd occassion...

The signing session runs from 4:45 until 5:30 and runs in the Darwin Suite, so do feel free to come by and take a look. We've got 11 authors confirmed for that so far, and hopefully will have more on the day as well.

Dinner is served between 4:45 and 6:15pm, with a variety of hot and cold food. There'll also be things like sandwiches and snacks throughout the day, although please note the bar will be closing at 8:30!!

I think that's most of the basics for the day- feel free to post up any questions here, or as always drop me a line in the office at

Thanks a lot


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